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Music by Alex Spyrou. Alex Spyrou: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar John Trapezontas: Backing Vocal, Drums Aris Theoharis: Bass Guitar Anastasis Karantzis: Lead Guitar Lyrics were written by Alexander Spyrou under the guidance of John Trapezontas.

Lyrics: Lenore, the girl who painted her perfect world into existence and then lost it in an instance. Blurry life Empty canvas Use the colors of your heart It will rise One perfect world Would you drown in it at once R/Once you’ve leaved the world that scares you Once you’ve found a place to hide It’s so hard to see it all burn You cannot believe your eyes Lost the ground under your feet Something in you just died Say goodbye to your utopia Cause it’s gone forever Now you left Everything behind Now you live Your new perfect life But in an instance Everything burned Now madness Will lead to revenge R/ C/ There’s no true salvation When your soul’s not coming back Trapped deep in the world of your burning canvas Your cold blooded vengeance will not bring back your life But as you’re now clouded It’s the only decent road R/ «We are the outcasts We are the world below»

(guest: 15/4/2018)

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